Political deliberation in the meet of All India People's Front National Committee on 28 July 2022

          It was reported in the meeting that Akhilendra Pratap Singh represented AIPF in the two days conference of Karnataka Janshakti held in Raichur Karnataka. He read the message of the National President of AIPF at the conference hailing the bold initiative taken by Karnataka Janshakti, a fraternal organisation against corporate communal forces in Karnataka. He wished all the success of the conference. In meanwhile another fraternal organisation Karnataka Janandolan Mahamaitri organised two days conference in Bangalore in which AIPF President S.R. Darapuri participated and expressed the view that all forces fighting against communal fascism should be united for a secular democratic India. On 10th July in Delhi veteran leaders and activists of Sarvodaya and Sangharsh Vahini organised one day meet cum conference in which Akhilendra with Ex MLA Ramesh Singh Kushwaha participated. On this occasion, Akhilendra spoke that the offensive of the BJP is political and it must be combated by politics. He emphasised that the need of the hour is to have a broad political coalition of the forces of civil society, mass organizations and political parties who agree with the program to take on the offensive of communal and corporate policies of the NDA government. On 13 and 14 August, there will be a two-day conference in Varanasi, Akhilendra and S. R. Darapuri will participate in it.

     It was observed in the meeting that the global capital and Hindutva alliance is destroying social fabric and democratic polity of the country and against this, all forces should be united who can be united. It was also observed that the mainstream opposition party in the country is not taking the offensive against this global capital. It should be noted that Adani and Ambani are also players of global finance capital and without combating these forces politics of Hindutva cannot be defeated. India must stand for Economic Nationalism against new colonial loot and plunder.   

    It was decided in the meeting that the government is directly responsible for giving jobs. Therefore, one member of each family will have to demand a job from the government. As far as the money to be spent on this is concerned, if the Central Government imposes a wealth and inheritance tax on the corporate houses, then this cost can be met. Along with this, questions like the law to guarantee the Minimum Support Price to the farmers, the abolition of Labour Codes created by abolishing Labour Laws, and the guarantee of the Right to Education and Health under social security will have to be raised firmly.

      AIPF website aipfr.org is operational and anybody can go through it.

Dr. Parmanand Prasad Pal

National General Secretary,

All India People's Front.