Without bringingCorporate Houses within the ambit of Lokpal, the Lokpal Act or so-called JanLokpal Act is hollow, incapable to stop mega-scams

  • Declaration of10-day long fast from Feb. 7 at Jantar -Mantar on peoples issues includingFundamental Right to Work, passage of Anti-Communal Violence Bill, banningpurchase of Agricultural land by Corporate Houses
  • Prakash Karat,AB Bardhan, Justice Rajendra Sachhar, Seniorjournalist Kuldip Nayar, Senior leaders of Socialist Party and leaders of otherpeoples movements will join the programme

New Delhi, Feb. 6, 2014: Without bringing corporate houses within the ambit ofLokpal Act, the anti-corruption Lokpal Act or so-called Jan Lokpal Act isweak and inadequate. Such weak Act can never stop megascams in the country.Akhilendra Pratap Singh, National Convener, All India Peoples Front, declaredin a press conference at Press Club to sit on fast on Feb. 7 for 10 days atJantar Mantar demanding to bring corporate houses and NGOs under the ambit ofLokpal Act. Briefing about his fast, Mr. Singh said that his initiative issupported by various progressive, democratic and justice-loving forces. On thefirst day, CPI(M) General Secretary Com. Prakash Karat, veteran CPI leader Com.AB Bardhan, JusticeRajendra Sachhar, Senior journalist Kuldip Nayar, Socialist Party GeneralSecretary Dr. Prem Singh and leaders of other peoples movements will join thefast programme. Representatives from UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Haryana, Delhi,Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and other parts of the country willparticipate in the programme.

He alleged that the corporate houses havecorrupted the entire polity of the country. In collusion with corruptpoliticians and bureaucrats, the corporates are busy looting our preciousnational wealth including our natural resources and the public exchequer. Infact, these corporate houses are the fountain-source of corruption in thecountry. Yet, they are not in the ambit of Lokpal. Similarly, the NGOs fundedby Ford Foundation like imperialist agencies are dangerous source of corruptionin our national life. Their increasing infiltration has serious implicationsfor our sovereign policy decision making as well as security. However theentire NGO business, too, is out of the ambit of Lokpal.

He said that the vital issues of common man`slife like inclusion ofRight to work in Fundamental Rights of theConstitution instead of Directive Principles, passage of anti-Communal violenceBill in the Parliament, banning corporate purchase of agricultural land,constitutional status to Agricultural Costs and Prices Commission, Nationalland-use policy and comprehensive pro-people mining policy, steeper taxes oncorporate houses and enhancing public expenditure on people`s welfare includingeducation, health and agriculture, formulation of National Wage policy, banningfutures trading to check rising prices, regularisation of contract and dailywage workers, ensuring social justice for extremely backward classes,backward-dalit Muslims, tribals, ensuringsafety and security, justice anddemocracy as well asrule of law will be raised prominently through thefast.

He asserted that without implementingpro-people policies and ensuring democratic rights as well as social justice,all talk of good-governance is merely an eyewash. All India Peoples Front is abroad political platform uniting various democratic forces on a radical andinclusive peoples agenda. Our organisational orientation is to bring among ouroffice-bearers, 50% women and all in all 75% leadership from deprived sectionsincluding dalits, tribals, backwards and minorities so that a truly democraticsociety is built. Dr. Sulabha Brahme, renowned economist and activist is ourNational President while SR Darapuri, dalit thinker and ex- IG Police as wellas Prof. Nihaluddin Ahmad are our National Spokespersons. Our movement enjoyssupport from SP Shukla, ex- Finance Secretary,Government of India; KB Saxenaand PS Krishnan, Ex-Secretaries, Government of India; renowned economistAmit Bhaduri. Economist Dr. Jaya Mehta was also present in the pressconference.